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Starting to Plan a Wedding

I know I’ve been terrible at posting lately.  I was a terrible wreck the last week and a half because I had a scan and on that scan was a spot.  This is like a nightmare scenario for any cancer … Continue reading

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Crazy about My 401k

During my first week back at work I decided to do something so crazy that I still cannot wrap my head around it.  Despite knowing I still have several thousand dollars of medical bills headed my way, my remodel getting … Continue reading

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Eating Excellently with Grocery Shopping and Stocking

My Old Man is about to start is annual six days of work marathon.  I would say the overtime is nice, but I would rather have him home than the extra $150 per week (or so) after taxes.  Don’t get … Continue reading

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Going Oveboard (Part 2)

In my many hours of unnecessary spreadsheet review and number crunching (also known as my idea of fun), I came across a little hidden sheet in my book that I did not recall.  Actually, I came across two such sheets, … Continue reading

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Going Overboard (Part 1)

I have been feeling great lately!  So great, actually, that I have been analyzing and re-analyzing and checking and double checking my spreadsheets.  I’ve added columns, subtracted columns, created more charts, and so many more instant calculations.  I enter something … Continue reading

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March Savings

Goodbye March! If I seem a little excited, it’s because I just completed my first week of work in 4.5 months and that means my next paycheck will be a full paycheck.  Goodbye disability and hello 401k contribution eligibility!  So … Continue reading

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