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How I Convinced My Old Man’s Employer to Reexamine Their SIMPLE IRA Plan

My Old Man is a blue collar guy.  He works with a lot of other blue collar guys.  Some are young, some aren’t, a lot of them have kids, but some don’t.  A few years ago my Old Man convinced … Continue reading

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Going Oveboard (Part 2)

In my many hours of unnecessary spreadsheet review and number crunching (also known as my idea of fun), I came across a little hidden sheet in my book that I did not recall.  Actually, I came across two such sheets, … Continue reading

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Doing Our Future Selves a Favor

Well, I had a biopsy today because we found a lump. So maybe I’m not cancer free.  But, this lump didn’t change any of my financial plans. Let’s talk for a few minutes about one of the greatest gifts you … Continue reading

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