Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable

It’s important to be comfortable while being uncomfortable.  It’s part of being flexible.  It’s part of life.

I started a new job in November and I have had few moments of comfort since.  My hands are always filled with grime, I have smashed fingers several times, and I’m with a completely new group of people (I’ve left my work family behind).  I’ve also been trying new things financially.

For the first time ever, I’ve switched to an HSA through a high deductible health plan.  I did the math and it should be beneficial to me.  I started hanging my laundry to dry.  I started bringing dinner to work twice a week so I don’t have to buy food.  I started shopping at different grocery stores.  I started challenging myself to cook more from scratch.  I’ll keep going too because I’m really loving it.

I want to look into making some side income with my Old Man now too.  We both want to retire one day and the only way that will be possible is with hard work.  So maybe we can get a few thousand dollars more and invest all of it to go somewhere great.

What uncomfortable things do you do?


About His Polish Princess

I'm an engineer by day and an entrepreneur by night. I live with my Old Man, and our cat, Junior. Okay, so the cat is mine, not ours. I have some old fashioned opinions and I believe the unlikely can be achieved with hard work and a little bit of luck. I like cars and motorcycles and remodeling houses and taking risks. I love my family and my community in Small Town, USA. I believe life is one grand adventure that should be lived and thoroughly enjoyed. In 2013 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and focused on natural healing. Fortunately, my disease has been in remission since 2014. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. These things are just a road bump in life. They won't stop me from remodeling or buying houses or starting new ventures. Life is all about how you see it.
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