Deck and Garden Design

This weekend the Old Man and I were working on designing a new front porch.  Our existing porch has a few issues and as we dig deeper we decided to tear it all apart and redo it in plastic decking as part of a long term desire to reduce maintenance costs and time. Since we are tearing it all down so it meets code, we decided on a little redesign as well to make it fit our needs.  We don’t have a back deck/porch or much of a yard so if we want to eat outside, we do it on the front porch.  The current size is too small for us to do this so it’s going to be a touch bigger.

Since we are doing this change, it will also allow me to utilize the sun we get in the front yard.  We live in a heavily shaded area and this is the sunniest spot and best opportunity for me to grow a few vegetables along with my perennials. The greatest thing about owning property is the ability to grow vegetables to not only reduce grocery costs, but also because they taste so much better.

I most likely won’t get a crop in this year because I need to do other work in that area, but I’m looking forward to growing pole beans, celery, lettuce, strawberries, and maybe some berry bushes as well.  Hopefully this little bit is the start to us really cutting down costs long term in more ways than one.


About His Polish Princess

I'm an engineer by day and an entrepreneur by night. I live with my Old Man, and our cat, Junior. Okay, so the cat is mine, not ours. I have some old fashioned opinions and I believe the unlikely can be achieved with hard work and a little bit of luck. I like cars and motorcycles and remodeling houses and taking risks. I love my family and my community in Small Town, USA. I believe life is one grand adventure that should be lived and thoroughly enjoyed. In 2013 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and focused on natural healing. Fortunately, my disease has been in remission since 2014. In 2015 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. These things are just a road bump in life. They won't stop me from remodeling or buying houses or starting new ventures. Life is all about how you see it.
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